Z30002 Antari Z3000-II Fog Machine

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Z30002 Antari Z3000-II Fog Machine
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Brand:  Antari
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Key Features
• Antari: the choice of professionals world wide
• Powerful 3000w heater with electronic thermal control system
• Low-fluid detector with automatic shutdown of the pump

Product Description

Antari Antari Z3000-II Fog Machine
Z-3000 II Pro Fog Generator, 3000w Heater. DMX capable up to 40,000 cu, ft/min and a 6 ltr tank warm up time 11.0min
A high-end fogger for professional users, the Z-3000 II is the machine ideal for concerts, movie productions, road touring, and the stages of bigger venues.

The unit’s high power 3000w heater pumps out around 40,000 cubic feet per minute, with the design improvements built into Series II of the industry-standard Z line meaning both an increase in effect output, along with a 25% saving in energy usage over the earlier models.

Upgraded heater pipe and elements further enhance performance and reliability, and an included thermal cut-off adds safety for the user and the machine. There's also a built-in DMX interface, and an included remote control to add to the versatility and practicality of the unit.

One great feature about this machine is the 'low fluid cut-out' sensor which stops the machine from operating once the fluid levels gets down too low. This ensures that no damage is caused to the machine if it is left unattended.


* Power: 240VAC
* Heater: 3000W
* Operating Frequency: 50Hz
* Fuse: 15A breaker
* DMX adaptor: on board
* Output power / level: 40 000 cu.ft/min
* Warm up time: 12 min
* Tank Capacity: 6L
* Fluid Consumption: 5 min / litre (100% output)
* Linkable
* Included accessories / features: Z-20 (timer control remote)
* Hanging Bracket: No
* Weight: 19.9kg
* Dimensions / Weight: 735x310x192mm / 19.9Kg

Shipping Volume: .077cbm
Shipping Weight: 22kg

Warranty: 12 Months

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